Blackpool Pet Funeral Service

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Blackpool Pet Funeral Service

Blackpool pet funeral service in Lancashire will organise the burial or cremation of family pets as a standardised package or tailored to the requests of the pet owner. Collection of the pet from a veterinary surgery or the owner's dwelling is arranged and caskets, cremation urns, plaques and memorials are obtainable for the owner to select. The pet can be prepared and stored in a mortuary for viewing if the owner requests, before the ceremony takes place.

Little has been established about pet bereavement until recently and consequently it is not shocking that so many people find the pain and confusion of their loss so disturbing. This is often made worse by the total lack of awareness from those who think the loss means nothing and the fact that we live in a society where thinking or speaking about the loss of life is keenly avoided.

The grief felt by the death of a pet is unique. The bonding between owner and pet often involves a more private and personal side of our nature than we would entrust to a human. Their dependence upon us leads to our relying profoundly on their need. When in the end they die, as they must, the shock and grief becomes a very delicate situation that we may be incapable to share with others.

The ritual of cremation or burial can be an significant part of the healing process and acceptance of your loss. It is therefore of great consequence that you are sure your desires are carried out correctly and with dignity.

Interment in a pet cemetery reflects that of a human funeral. Pets are hygienically prepared and laid in the chapel of rest in a fully lined burial casket for the family members to come and say their farewell before the pet is interred in a prepared dressed grave in the cemetery, with a graveside service of farewell.

The burial plot is usually large enough to receive three caskets for those families who have more than one pet. Plots will also come with a deed of assignment for twenty five years.

Many pet owners desire or request their pet to be cremated and there is a crematoria available in Blackpool. Each pet is cremated individually and the ashes can be posited in a mahogany casket with engraved nameplate and certificate of private cremation.

For those who wish to have a permanent resting place Blackpool pet funeral service have the unique facilities of the columbarium, where ashes caskets are placed in a niche and covered with a memorial plaque.

Other services will include acting as a collection point for donations, arranging a headstone or placing the notice of death in the newspaper.

Pet Euthanasia

Pet Euthanasia is performed for merciful reasons in order to end suffering.

All pet owners want their pet’s last moments to be comfortable as possible and stress free for themselves and their pet as the situation can be. Euthanasia is peaceful, painless and dignified. If your vet doesn't provide a home service, there are a number of compassionate mobile vets who will come to your home.

A list of things to think about regarding making a decision for care:

  • Is there a reasonable chance for a cure...for comfort?
  • How much additional life time might treatment give?
  • What will the quality of that time be?
  • Do I have the financial and emotional resources to handle long-term medical care, if needed?
  • How many of my pet's usual activities are still possible?
  • Is my pet suffering, even though physical pain is not evident?

We all know putting down your pet can be traumatic but if it eases your pets suffering then it's probably for the best.